Charity Water

Charity Water similar to a few non-profit organizations focuses on providing safe and clean drinking water to those living in developing nations. The organization was founded in the year 2006 and has since helped over 6,611 different projects within 20 countries. This has all been able to help benefit over 2,545,000 people worldwide. As of Jan. 15, 2012, the organization was able to raise over $40 million for this great cause and is continuously providing quality drinking water to people in need.

The organization is based in the US (New York City), and has been using social media and mainstream platforms as a means to further raise awareness of this issue. They run yearly galas and charity events that are arranged via Twitter. Their initiative has already received donations from 300,000 different people with over 800 volunteers, 10 interns, and 20 full time staff members. They are a thriving organization that continues to inspire and bring hope into the world. They have now spent over $55 million on 9,000 individual water projects in 22 different countries from Malawi to Rawanda, and so fourth.

Charity Water was founded by Scott Harrison who was a New York club promoter who worked in that line of business for over 10 years. In the year of 2004, he was committed for 2 years of his life to help marginalize through various volunteering services in Mercy Ships and in Liberia. From his experiences, Scott discovered the various issues involving, safety, health, and education in countless countries around the world. But what truly made an impact on him was the lack of fresh clean water as well as basic sanitation systems in these rural areas. He then began to educate himself on what he could to really help support this cause. Now, this organization that was just once a dream is thriving as one of the most successful charities that focus on this pressing issue and to think it all started from a selfless idea.

Charity Water is not the only organization out there dedicated to getting water to all people. Recently, Equity Realty in Naples, Florida donated money for a water well project that brings sustainable water to people in need in Africa.